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What are the Best Blinds for Outdoors in Australia

Are you wondering what are the best blinds for outdoors in Sydney? We would love to answer that question for you. Specifically, people make one of only two choices. Particularly, you will be choosing between Zipscreen Vs Ziptrak. Lastly, we will provide you with as much information as possible in our story.

Fundamentally, every year there are more and more of us taking to entertaining outside. We are usually getting creative with our indoors. However, outdoor spaces improvement has been creating a billion-dollar industry. For instance, Australians have been building out their patios and backyards.

What are the Best Blinds for Outdoor Choices Available?

Essentially, we all know that a calming patio or garden is the perfect place to rest your feet after a hard day. For example, these areas could be an area for fun activities with kids. Also, you can have a comfy spot to enjoy a simple chit-chat with a friend or a loved one. In reality, nothing seems better than breathing fresh air and be pleased by the sun’s warmth. All happening within the confines of your own home.

After Adding the Patio What is the Next Step?

Honestly, there has never been an easier way. In Australia, to extend your home with patio options, you need outdoor blinds solutions. Essentially, outdoor blinds protect you from insects, summer heat and winter chill. In addition, they offer you the yearning privacy.

So, what are the best choice for outdoor blinds in Australia? In this article, we tell you what we know. Generally, about the fantastic choice of Zipscreen outdoor blinds. Then, finding a good outdoor blind installer.

What are Zipscreen Blinds for Outdoors?

Essentially, Zipscreen is an Australian based company formerly known as Acmeda. Eventually, the company teamed up with Rollease in 2015 from the U.S. Technically, the name of the international company is Rollease Acameda. However, most people will search or look directly for the name Zipscreen. As mentioned, the company is still Australian-based

Subsequently, the company went ahead creating the first Zipscreen Blinds which have made a big impact worldwide. Afterwards, the Zipscreen Extreme was born for coverage of wider areas. At this point, there has been no looking back as simply these two products are now in thousands of homes and businesses worldwide.

Wholly, Zipscreen is the signature series in sunshade and general protection for homes and businesses for the company. Exponentially, Zipscreen will be found anywhere from Australia, Africa, Australasia, North America, and Europe.

As a note, they come in a vast array of colours to suit anyone anywhere.

What are the Main Choices of Outdoor Blinds in the Zipscreen Range?

Primarily, there are three main choices that are advised in this range of blinds Basically, read carefully to choose or get a good idea of what is most suitable for your home or business.

Firstly, Zipscreen is the signature outdoor blinds for many people across the world. As mentioned, the product was formulated in Australia. Meaning, Australia has harsh and changing climates. Therefore, this product will stand up to those tests.

Fundamentally, this is the choice for many homeowners and some businesses. Subsequently, the product has patented zip guided Zlock technology. In addition, the product boasts an extra smooth fabric. Also, the fabric is ultra-sealed for protection against weather of all sorts. Furthermore, it will add protection from insects and debris. Basically, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Meaning, Zipscreen will allow you to use any outdoor area 24/7 all year round. At length, this awesome product will cover areas up to 5.8 meters across. Lastly, if you are using the services of a skilled installer, they can be custom fitted.

Zipscreen Extreme

Moving on, Zipscreen Extreme is a perfect choice for wide areas of up to 7 meters across. Amazingly, it will cover a huge area of up to 35 meters Square. Moreover, Zipscreen Extreme outdoor blinds are phenomenal in the way they do their job. For example, if you have a large area to cover in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting. Zipscreen Extreme would be the choice for you.

In essence, due to the size of the area that can be protected and due to top-rated quality. This awesome option for blinds looks exquisite and pure class. As a note, Zipcreen (original) can do much the same thing except for filling such a wide space.

Gear Box Straight Drop

Thirdly, last but not the least is the Gearbox Straight Drop. Primarily, this terrific invention was invented as a fast solution for Alfresco’s and large Verandahs. Specifically, this will cover areas of up to 6 meters across and a 3.5-meter drop.

Furthermore, the Gearbox Straight Drop has a German gearing system that allows easy maneuvering. Specifically, this product operates perfectly with no chains or chords. Lastly, it has a removable crank. Meaning, the product is completely child safe as well as being quite easy to use.

What are the Features of Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds

For example, a standard component of Zipscreen outdoor blinds is the use of advanced screening technology, tested and patented in Australia. Even more, a tested technology enables outdoor blinds to last for many years. In conclusion, outdoor blinds are not an item you go shopping for every season.

Critically, they have to be the right decision. Additionally, we want you to make thoughtful considerations about blinds. In fact, with the help of a Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds team, your purchase and installation. Will turn out to be the wisest decision. Furthermore, your new outdoor blinds will provide your outdoor living space with an elegant look. Likewise, the best quality material structure and they will serve you a long time.

Subsequently, to ensure the premium quality of Zipscreen outdoor blinds. Another reason, becoming a top choice of Australian homeowners due to the top-quality fabric. Like, their top-grade fabric is also the reason for their durability. Even more, it is common knowledge that Zipscreen outdoor blinds last longer in comparison to other manufacturers. Besides, Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds with its primary product names which are Australian top outdoor blinds makers. Also, it goes beyond the average shade protection solution.

What are the Smart Options for Home and Business?

For businesses, it is reasonable to consider motorized outdoor blinds and a smart home solution for outdoor blinds. Moreover, Smart home control has risen in popularity because it gives you more options for control.

Basically, Zipscreen outdoor blinds are easy to use and control. Offering, future proof, and compatible with smartphones, smart home solutions, Alexa, Google Assistant, and voice control solutions.

Moreover, Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds offers you a choice. You can choose from a vast range of outdoor blinds colours: Alfresco Gearbox Straight Drop blinds, or Zipscreen’s blinds, straight drop, and robust hardware outdoor blinds.

In addition, retractable blinds are strong and durable enough to sustain Australian winds and weather. Specifically, wherever your propriety is located, in a windy or stormy region. As a result, the aluminium frames and tested technology. Will keep your blinds for outdoors firm in place.

Lastly, Zipscreen has solar and insect protective fabric. As a rule, manufacturers know that apart from privacy, customers need protection. Primarily, it makes the major sessions for customers that want to enjoy their open-air place free of sunburns, and insects.

Zipscreen is the Future of Outdoor Blinds

As mentioned, they offer you outdoor blinds with solar-protective and insect-protective fabrics. Additionally, without scarifying view and privacy. Also, professionally installed outdoor blinds will shade your outdoor living space against disease and infections. Such as bringing insects to your party. For example, you or your activity guests will not have a concern about bugs and mosquitos.

Essentially, when it comes to the screen itself Zipscreen comes out ahead of its competitor Ziptrak. For example, when the screen actually rolls up Ziptrak has been known for small diamond shape marks in the fabric. Commonly, this does not happen anywhere near as much with Zipscreen blinds.

In conclusion, when it comes to the rolling up process Zipscreen wins hands down. Furthermore, version 1 of Zipscreen only came out in 2015 so this is now the latest technology in outdoor blinds.

What are the Extras of the Zipscreen Line of Outdoor Blinds?

Generally, all products come in a range of colours, fabrics and sun protection. When it comes to fabrics, all are heat resistant and prevent glare. In fact, a large amount of time has been spent on this technology. To be honest, Zipscreen outdoor blinds scream perfection and they are getting better all the time.

As mentioned, the fabrics used are high-tech. Meaning, that they offer privacy and protection along with good ventilation. In many cases, it can offer up to around 28 different colours.

What are Zipscreen Operating Methods?

In relation, to operation methods, Zipscreen offers three ways of operating the outdoor blinds. Firstly, Zipscreen (original) can be operated manually with a spring-loaded function. Essentially, this style designed with care and so easy to operate. Also, you can lock the blinds in place with a bolt or using a clip feature.

Secondly, motorization is immensely popular nowadays. This push-button technology allows you to manipulate the protection with ease. As a rule, your outdoor blind installer would advise on motorization options when installing Zipscreen Extreme.

Thirdly, there are crank control options that offer a 9.1 German gearbox. Fundamentally, allowing easy adjustment with a metal crank handle. Generally, this will be the choice when installing the Gear Box Straight Drop.

In conclusion, whatever the choice Zipscreen has you covered with the operations of your outdoor blinds.

How to Find a Good Installer?

Going forward, look for an Australian-based business company that is specialized in only outdoor blinds. In addition, their quality of work would need to be quite impressive and guaranteed by at least five years. Therefore, warranties for their products and knowable professional installers.

Critically, you want them to be doing an on the spot quote. Meaning, you do not want a company to measure the work, therefore, going away and trying to find every way under the sun to increase pricing.

Looking for a personal approach from professionals is a must. Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds offers you an awesome product for the right outdoor blind installing company. Additionally, having a personal approach with you as a client is a must.

For example, your goals and visions will be their guide. Likewise, they will need to offer you the best guidance during the outdoor blind purchase and installation period. Principally, one which certainly will not turn out as a waste of time and money.

Accordingly, the outdoor blind installers will tend to excel not only in the quality of work and products. But most importantly, also in communication. In fact, one of the main values would be friendly and effective communication. Remember, this is construction work and it will be there for many years to come.

Check Out the Installers Reviews

For example, you want to be reading customers ‘ comments like “the installers of my Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds understood what I was looking for. Or “The company provides a great service and products”.

Therefore, the result of their efficient work and friendly communication is an excellent and customer needs suited service. Many years of experience, product testing, a good range of blinds and colours, no time-consuming purchases, and no stress renovations, will not hurt your purchase either. Lastly, they need to assure you that they are certainly one of the most customer-friendly services in the outdoor blind business category.

NOTE: Sydney-based and family-owned business. True Value Outdoor Blinds is a professional, customer-friendly company. In essence, the company specialises in only outdoor blinds. With only 5 stars customer feedbacks.

Call them on 1300 878 382.

In conclusion, do not waste your time, find a good outdoor blind installer and transform your living standard. Lastly, we believe Zipscreen has a slight edge over Ziptrak.

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