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Liverpool, New South Wales, Sydney

Liverpool is a suburb of the Greater Western System located 27 km from the Sydney Central Business District. The city and the surrounding regions are situated in the Cumberland Plains and are the local government’s administrative seat. 

History Of The Place

Liverpool was founded on 7th November 1810 as an agricultural centre by Governor Lachlan Macquarie. It is one of the oldest city settlements in Australia and located at the Georges River’s mouth.  

The land is highly productive and quickly became an agricultural hub from its inception. Liverpool was a satellite town up to the middle part of the 20th century and relied on farming and gardening for sustenance.

However, the urban spill from Sydney soon reached the Cumberland Plains, and it soon
became the mainstay of metropolitan Sydney. 

Low-Income Housing Policy 

The area is known for its low-income housing commissions and offers quality homes under its urban renewal project. Liverpool has a strong manufacturing sector with a chunky proportion of working-class presence. 

The city is one of the major trade centres in South Western Sydney and, like Melbourne, has a Hoddle Grid layout plan with large arcades and lanes. There are large commercial centres spread across Macquarie Street with many new fashion stores coming up. 

Huge Commercial Development

The city has witnessed a boom in commercial activities in the last decade. You will discover several shopping areas on Macquarie Street like the Westfield Liverpool, Liverpool Plaza, and the Northern end is zoned for residential apartments. At the same time, the southern one houses only commercial establishments. 

Heritage Buildings

Liverpool is noted for its heritage sites:

  • Elizabeth Drive
  • College Street
  • Birkdale Crescent
  • Great Southern Railway
  • 17 Speed Street

The city is infused with roads like the Hume Highway, The M5 Motorway and Westlink M7 motorway. 

The Liverpool Railway Station serves Sydney CBD, Leppington, Parramatta, and Scofield’s. 


Tourists and locals enjoy the large open spaces, parks, and gardens spread across the city. Pioneer Park has a historical cemetery, while Bigge Park boasts of a War Memorial. You can visit the Whitlam Leisure Center with a swimming pool and a 3000-seater indoor stadium. Michael Clarke, the famous Australian cricketer and Nathan Foley, entertainer, comes from this place. 

Ideal Blinds For Your Next Barbeque

You need to consider several factors before installing blinds for your next outdoor party. The scorching heat and the numbing winter are both aspects homeowners in Australia must keep in mind. Moving your blinds will be more accessible with just a tap on the remote button. Yes, motorised blinds give you the flexibility of controlling the features, change the look, atmosphere and privacy settings. You can connect with True Value Outdoor Blinds for suggestions on motorized blinds. 

How Does Your Electric Blinds Work?

Our electric blinds are powered by efficient electric motors that turn the tube on which the blinds are attached. It uses minimal powers and advanced technology, which means they are silent. 

You can control the blinds using a traditional remote control or via an app from your smartphone. There are options too for automating your blinds which allows you to open or close at set times. 

Motorised blinds come with several choices that can impact the price. True Value Outdoor Blinds have several budget-friendly options that allow you to choose from flexible decisions. 

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