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Have you been thinking about installing outdoor blinds in your Doonside property? It could be that you’ve already decided you want outdoor blinds, but you’re finding it hard to settle on the type that would look best, or maybe you just need additional information on our outdoor blinds before you pull the trigger. We proudly serve the businesses and residents of Doonside with our large range of beautiful alfresco blinds. We have first-rate technicians who are eager to install your outside blinds, making sure you receive five-star service that enhances your property. We strive to see to it that you receive the ideal external blinds for your business or home, so why not give us a call right away and ask for more details, not to mention a free quote!

Why Our Outdoor Blinds are so Desired Across Doonside

Outdoor parties are a common trait of backyards across Doonside, even all across Australia. The warm year-round weather makes having friends and colleagues over to your home for a BBQ a great way to catch up and socialise. But as we all know, sometimes this isn’t a feasible option if the weather turns miserable.   That’s why we offer a large range of outdoor blinds that can make entertaining possible regardless of the time of year. We can provide outdoor blinds that match the style of accessories and furnishings you have, seeing to it that you pull off the aesthetic that has become so desired in Australia these days. To be confident that you are getting high-quality outdoor blinds for your Doonside home or office, you should talk to True Value Outdoor Blinds today!

Why Get Outdoor Blinds in Doonside

Outdoor blinds offer such a wealth of positives, so we’ve made this list of the leading reasons why you need to consider outdoor blinds in your home or business;

  • Maximize Your Space

The size of interior rooms in modern homes is going down. Outdoor blinds can combat that trend by incorporating outdoor areas like patios and decking.

  • Safeguard Against Miserable Weather

As a result of our quality blinds, you can benefit from extra protection from the weather, including rain, wind, and damaging ultraviolet rays. They also manage to keep the warm air outside during warm days.

  • Protect Your Interior

Your interior areas are endangered from exposure to the outside, too. Fortunately, True Value Out Door Blinds’ outdoor blinds can manage to lessen that danger.

  • Keep Away the Flies, Bugs, and Mosquitoes

Bugs and other creepy crawlies are typically an unwelcome addition to a barbecue. Fortunately, True Value Outdoor Blinds’ outdoor blinds can shelter your guests and you from these unwanted visitors.

  • Energy Saving

Heating and air conditioning are some of the bigger expenses we have to pay each month. True Value Outdoor Blinds’ blinds help to keep the cold air in one place by restricting the heat transfer between outside and in.

Types of Outdoor Blinds in Doonside

When you need premium outdoor blinds in your business or home, look no further than True Value Outdoor Blinds. We boast a huge array of types to select from including;

Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are already pretty convenient, but if you’d like to make them even more so, you should consider our motorised blinds , which allow you to operate them at the press of a button.

Gearbox Straight Drop

When you have a larger area to cover, and you need your blinds to have decent heat-reflection properties, you should consider our gearbox straight-drop blinds.

Zipscreen Blinds

For a more modern look that still maintains your privacy and comes with all the benefits you expect from outdoor blinds, zipscreen blinds are the way to go. They are especially popular with commercial properties, but still look great in a home. 

Zipscreen Extreme Blinds

If you’re looking for the modern look of our zipscreen blinds but over a larger area, our zipscreen extreme blinds offer all the same benefits but are good for spaces up to 7 metres across.

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If you need an established outdoor blinds organisation that stays up to date with the latest technology in the world of outdoor blinds, you want True Value Outdoor Blinds. Get in touch right away and get a free quote!

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