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Outdoor Living Industry Booms in Australia

There is some good news or a small silver lining when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. Homeowners, across Australia in 2020 started spending more money on their homes. Primarily, in the outdoor sectors of the property.


For many reasons, at the moment, homeowners are expanding their outdoor areas. Meaning, instead of the annual holiday, people are expanding outdoor areas to be more comfortable. I mean, who can blame them? With on and off lockdowns and restrictions? Why not make the place you live better if you have to spend more time in it.

What Do Outdoor Home Improvements Mean for the Economy?

Firstly, since May 2020 consumer spending on household furniture and accessories is up by 53%. In general, when spending on construction is up, you will have a reasonably solid economy. On the other hand, there has been less spending in areas such as hospitality, travel, and retail. Thankfully, the outdoor furniture and outdoor construction sectors, coincidently, are helping to keep us all afloat during these uncertain times.

Not to mention, obviously, you as the homeowner are contributing immensely. In addition, it may be a good time to talk to your bank or a reputable mortgage broker. This way you can get a good deal on a loan. Furthermore, some companies will offer in-house finance depending on what you are doing in relation to home improvements.

In summary, doing outdoor home improvements makes you more comfortable. Also, it increases the value of a property and helps the Aussie economy.

What Types of Outdoor Living Structures are Being Built in Australia?

Across Australia, people are spending hard-earned money on outdoor blinds or blinds for the outdoors. In addition, pools and spas, BBQ areas, roller shutters. Also, roof restorations, landscape gardening, fencing, lighting and security. In essence, the days when a backyard in Australia was long grass and a shed seem to be fading into the past.



Factually, Aussie’s are leading the world when turning outdoor areas into works of art. Let’s face it, Aussies have always liked to entertain at home. Therefore, making the most of a bad situation is another thing the average Aussie will do. Again, if you are going to be spending more time in your home, why not feel the best you can?

What Reasons are Australians Making Outdoor Home Improvements?

For example, many homes in Australia have a patio or verandah. So, it is easy to realize this area can be transformed into an extra room. Additionally, since the COVID-19 outbreak, many Australians are now working from home. Meaning, homeowners may make plans to make more rooms as more of us are spending time together.

Furthermore, people are seeing that unused spaces can be turned into something that can be lived in all year round. Or, for example, a vacant patio could be turned into a powerful exquisite office space. Lastly, you may need extra space for a friend or relative. Or simply, you may just want to blow friends and family away. There are more reasons when it comes to entertaining and time for relaxing. Some other reasons to consider are, a man’s cave or woman cave, art rooms, kid’s playrooms, and guest rooms. Fundamentally, the reasons are endless and most of the choices made will reflect your individual lifestyle. General, the Aussie way of life.

What Do I Need to Know When Considering an Outdoor Living Space?

Essentially, before endeavouring or undertaking any mission you need a plan. Every successful general or chess player has a plan. Our advice is to literally draw or write your basic ideas down initially. Depending, on your skills, do whatever works best for you.

There are many things to consider, according to Alan the operations manager at True Value Outdoor Blinds. Commonly, people make the mistake of not thinking about their outdoor blinds first. One example is if you went ahead and cemented in a BBQ or outdoor kitchen area. Then, you realized afterwards that you may need to move it due to the fact that you are unable to install outdoor blinds.

Meaning, the first thing to be thinking about are the elements. There is no point thinking about accessories or decorations. Think of the factors like wind, rain, sun, and privacy. Absolutely, all of which play a huge factor in having the perfect outdoor living space.

In essence, installing outdoor blinds or roller shutters would be a smart first step.  Meaning, talk to an expert on the subject. Surely, you do not want to build an awesome outdoor area only to find you are on show for the neighbours.

What to Know When Building a Patio or Alfresco?

For instance, an outdoor patio generates an ideal atmosphere for family parties. Also, extra space for entertaining friends and family. Consider garden barbeques on a summer afternoon, dinner beneath the stars on a hot summer day or simply relaxing with your favourite book.

Installing an outside patio includes years of outdoor enjoyment to your house and lifestyle, but decent preparation is vital. Here are 16 important facts to think about before you set up an outside patio.

1. What Use Do I Want from my Patio?

In general, it is important to check your family’s needs and decide how you will use the area. Do you intend to entertain friends and loved ones? Would you wish to add outdoor cooking and dining? Do you desire a calm place to unwind and escape from everyday routines? Maybe you wish to do each of the aforementioned. How you want on using your patio will affect other elements like location, size, budget, and upkeep.

2. Is Your Patio Convenient?

Your pergola or patio should supply convenient entry to the home. Along with other backyard features such as a pool, spa, planned outside the kitchen. In addition, family and guests need to have the ability to get into the area easily. Contemplate convenient access from the home to the space for hauling food and beverages. Therefore, providing fast shelter from sudden rain. Also, you should want effortless bathroom access for guests while still entertaining.

3. Is Your Pergola or Patio Comfortable

To get the maximum from your new pergola or patio, think about your relaxation. When installing an outside patio in Australia. Try to select comfy chairs for relaxing and dining. Pick comfortable outdoor furniture that is easy to maneuver around for flexibility and spilt substances which are easy to wash.

4. Where Will Your Patio Pergola Be Located?

Particularly, for dining and cooking, you may want to find the patio near your kitchen. Serving guests and after-dinner cleanup will probably be simpler and quicker. Most importantly, if you are planning to set up an outside kitchen.

Your pergola or patio can be farther from the home. As you will not have to rely on your own indoor kitchen just as much. Like many Aussie’s If you would like to sunbathe, select a place that gets good enough sunlight exposure. If you are enthusiastic about snoozing into a new hammock. Then select a shadowed place or consider including a roof or awning to the pergola or patio.

5. Examine the Location

Specifically, before installing an outside patio in Australia. Use stakes and string to outline the pergola or patio perimeter. Then, watch the area for a couple of days. See the way the sunlight falls over the region at various times of the day. Assess maintenance concerns by tracking debris from falling leaves.

Though your patio is going to be rated to reduce standing water, we do suggest avoiding picking a low place on the lawn. Excessive moisture under the pergola or patio can bring about weed growth and mould spores.

6. Organizing and Construction Time

Specifically, a strategy for required prep work and construction time are necessary for installing an outside patio in Australia. In addition, you are going to want to employ a professional patio builder to guarantee the best outcomes. Go over the training work and setup with your builder.

So, you are ready with scheduling and avoid other family disruptions that might happen. Expect some dust and noise during setup. For security, keep the children, vehicles, and pets from the region of construction.

7. What Size Patio Do You Require?

Factually, the dimensions of your pergola or patio are going to be affected by the dimensions of your own backyard. However, it also needs to be influenced by the way you want to use the pergola or patio.

For example, you may want to bring in an outside kitchen, a spa or pool or an outside fireplace or fire pit. So, plan a pergola or patio size which will accommodate all those additional capabilities. Additionally, plan for decent outside chairs, outside storage, and pergola or patio landscaping. If you intend to entertain, think about space for outside heaters which will be convenient on cool evenings. Like most, at some point, you are going to need or want outdoor blinds.

In summary, consider the future when building a patio. You never know where it will take you.

8.What is My Budget for Building Patio or Pergola?

Without question, plan a patio that matches your funding requirements. The size and location of the pergola or patio. Furthermore, substances you select and additional features like an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace or fire pit, spa, or pool. Landscaping and outdoor lighting will impact your financial plan. Discuss your needs with your builder and landscape contractor. This will help you design and put in a pergola or patio that satisfies your requirements and your budget.

9. What Materials Should I Use for My Patio?

Generally, the substances that you use will play a huge role when installing an outside pergola or patio in Australia. Particularly, in the expression of your patio, building costs and upkeep. The pergola or patio should feel and look just like a natural extension of your house. So, select materials that enhance your house and landscape if you construct the patio off from the home. Advisably, select materials that blend into the landscape and home.

10. What Care & Upkeep is Involved in Owning a Patio?

Specifically, it is necessary to select materials if your plan is to cook and relax in your pergola or patio. Particularly, those materials that will withstand stains and spills with simple clean-up. Discuss maintenance problems along with the patio builders that will help you pick the proper materials. Outdoor patio substances hold up against the elements, however, might require a sealer to resist stains. This is particularly true for natural stone such as granite, marble, granite, limestone, and slate.

11.  Will Your Patio Provide Complete Protection and Security?

Your outdoor patio requirements shelter from sunlight, rain, cold, snow and wind. For extra comfort and warmth on cold evenings, look at adding patio heaters. After installing an outside pergola or patio in Australia, the decent shelter will donate to a year-long pleasure.

Most importantly, plan for outdoor blinds that you will most likely need. Even by setting your patio in a certain direction, nothing will protect you like modern blinds for outside. Subsequently, outside blinds come in a host of material and colours to suit.

12. Did You Plan for Patio Lighting?

Peripherally, your brand-new patio will require adequate lighting to be operational. If you find the patio beside your home, install outside wall-mounted fittings for patio light. If your pergola or patio has a permanent roof. Then you may add overhead lighting with recessed lighting, track lighting or outside lovers who have lighting. If you find the patio at a distant backyard place, add post light and moveable lanterns.

Talking to your local or a reputable electrician can be helpful these days. In addition, in Australia, there are many companies that dedicate their business to lighting. Also, this can be a wise choice or path to make.

13. Plan for Patio Backyard Landscaping

Ideal landscaping will offer a comfortable, natural environment for outside pursuits and create a serene setting for entertaining. Patio landscaping may add colour, texture, thickness, and scale to your backyard.

14. Should I include Landscape Lighting?

As a rule, landscape lighting will include beauty in your house at night by improving architectural capabilities. It will add interest and depth to a landscape. Uplights and stains will make soft highlights in plants and trees. Pathway lights will offer security for outside paths. It is possible to produce a beautiful pergola or patio perimeter with blossoms and low-voltage lighting. Clearly, improving the attractiveness of your pergola or patio.

15. Where are My Utility Lines & Pipes?

Critically, remember to think about your pipes, septic and electric lines buried in the backyard. Without knowing where your utility lines can be found. You might be forced to dig your pergola or patio for a line or pipe repairs. Your patio builder should advise you on utility lines and disturbance with your pergola or patio area.

16 How Do I Find Good Tradesman?

Firstly, when looking for an awesome tradesman check out their online reviews. This method can save time and money. Basically, if the tradesman has many happy customers, chances are you are going to fall into that category.

In addition, make sure they are fully licensed and insured. Furthermore, ask if the credentials are current. You should also take a look at the quality of the website. Checking if it is modern and well maintained. Lastly, you can look at social media for more feedback as to the status of the person or business being contracted.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Blinds?

Commonly, outside living areas are built around a patio, pergola, or alfresco area. Without using security and protection from the elements. You are going to be limited to how you build your dream outdoor space. Limited in lighting, kitchens and BBQ’s, privacy, security, pest control, decorations, carpeting and flooring. In addition, you can be limited in heating and cooling, and general maintenance. This means the long-term upkeep is most likely to be more expensive.


For example, you may have a BBQ area exposed to the elements. Then, you would need to build the BBQ in stone or brick to handle the Aussie climate. Meaning, for some, this can put them out of budget from the get-go. Installing outdoor blinds will solve many of the problems above.

What You Really Need to Know About Blinds for Outdoors?

Firstly, what do most people not know?. As far as the outdoor living process goes, outside blinds are reasonably inexpensive. Secondly, many people believe in some cases that the space they are trying to protect may be too large for outdoor blinds. In fact, this is a myth most of the time. For example, did you know that the Gear Box Straight Drop can cover an area of up to 6000mm and as narrow as 100mm?

Meaning, these blinds can cover wide spaces and still be simple to roll up and down. So even if you have a large alfresco area, this type of blind will do the job you need. In essence, modern outside blind products come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. A trusted outdoor blind expert will be able to advise comprehensively on your individual options. So, before ruling out, this option from the whole scenario, call an expert. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised.

What are the Best Outdoor Blinds in Australia?

Specifically, there are two main players when it comes to outdoor blinds in Australia. Commonly, Zipscreen Vs Ziptrack is a frequently asked question. People ask which one is better. To the point, we prefer Zipscreen. There are many reasons for this. Both run on similar technology; however, we strongly believe Zipscreen has the edge in the industry.

Again, talk to an expert and decide what is best for you as an individual, business or family unit. To summarize, quality outdoor blinds should give you protection from the elements. Along with privacy and security from humans and pests.

Security Options for Outdoor Areas.

Moving forward, you may want extra security once you have your blinds for the outdoors installed. There are many reputable or trusted companies that offer this service. The type of extra security you may require depends on what type of outside area you are creating.

outdoor blinds installation sydney

outdoor blinds installation Sydney

For example, if you’re planning on putting expensive TVs and computers you may want to think about having peace of mind. Making sure the windows have quality locks is a good start. As a rule, you would need to talk to the people installing the windows. Or, if you are planning DIY options then make sure you do your research.

Furthermore, if you want to go the extra mile consider an alarm system. Or make sure your existing alarm covers your new addition.

What should I Consider Before Building an Outdoor Kitchen?

Commonly, Australians love cooking outside and installing an outdoor kitchen at the moment is all the rage. These type of structures being built took off in 2020 for a whole heap of reasons. To be honest, this area of outdoor living has so many options. If you are planning on including an outdoor kitchen then talk with a professional.

In general, an outdoor kitchen comprises of a BBQ of some description. Also, elements of a traditional or inside kitchen. Meaning, shelving, utensils, benches, refrigeration, and sinks. In addition, many enthusiasts will connect hot water. Another immensely popular addition these days are pizza ovens and meat smoking BBQs.

Fundamentally, what can be achieved is limitless when it comes to building your outdoor kitchen. Firstly, when it comes to planning, you need to measure how much space you need. Also, the budget you have will of course play a major role. Most importantly, at some point, you will need a professional tradesman to complete the work. Specifically, if electrical or plumbing work is required.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Kitchen in Australia?

As mentioned, there is a number of factors that come into play when building your masterpiece. For example, where is the kitchen to be located? How far away from the mains is the kitchen to be built? To the point, when it comes to costs outdoor kitchens cost between $10K and 50K AUD. Obviously, you can spend more or less. However, this is the going average price range.

What are the best Outdoor Kitchens Enclosed Outdoor Areas?

Again, this is going to come down to taste, budget, and what access you have. Most importantly how much space you have. Also, if you are building in an enclosed area. You will need to plan for extraction fans or units to take care of the smoke. So, there is no real answer to this question as the choices are so vast.

The answer is more to answer the questions you have for yourself if that makes sense. For example, do I want a pizza oven? If the answer is yes, then you and your builder will need to work out where you are going to put your pizza oven.

What are Modular Kitchens?

Firstly, let us look at modular options. Generally, these are prefabricated that come with shelving. Although, they may come in a range of colours. You will need to pay separately for any accessories. For example, refrigerators and any electrical work. Generally, the actual BBQ will not be included either.

However, these types of kitchens can be ideal for an enclosed area. You may fit them into a smaller area or to an already enclosed area. Meaning, you may be able to work your way around solid structures.

What are the Benefits of a Custom Kitchen?

In many situations, a custom kitchen will be the way to go as opposed to a modular kitchen. Especially, if you are wanting protection from the elements. A custom kitchen will allow you to maneuver and place items more easily where you want them.

As you may well know, whenever you are customizing or modifying anything, it is suiting your own needs and requirements. As you can imagine, a custom kitchen has a huge number of advantages. The reason being, there are so many factors that go into a kitchen.

Meaning, all of these kitchen factors need to fit nicely into your outdoor area. There are many reputable kitchen companies out there. Absolutely, you can get an offer for literally breath-taking kitchens these days that will become life-changing.

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