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Outdoor Blinds Hills District Sydney

Hills District Sydney

The Hills District Sydney, popularly called The Hills in Aussie, is a conglomerate of suburbs that lies to the Northern Part of Sydney. It stretches from the following:

  • M2 Hills motorcade in the South
  • Old Windsor Road in the West
  • Pennant Hills Road in the East
  • Hawkesbury River in the North

The suburbs are governed by The Hills Shire and Hornsby Shire local government areas. 

History Of The Region 

The Hills were inhabited by the Dharug Aboriginals from around 40,000 BC, especially water bodies. They started trade relations with surrounding clans in the region which included the Boorooberongal in the northwest. Several archaeological shreds of evidence were found in the rock dwellings, which date back to 12,000 years. 

The Coming of Europeans

The district was surveyed by Governor Arthur Philip, who was in search of a new area for settlement. In 1794, William Joyce, a convict, received the first land grant in the area located on the east of Hawkesbury Road. In the same year, the road was built which stretched from the government farm to Hawkesbury. amatta with Windsor, and the original road started from the Prospect road, which is now known 

The Government Farm

The Government Farm was built in 1801, which was the third of its kind in Australia. Castle Hill was established from the junction up to the farm and still survives today. The Farm was converted to a lunatic asylum in 1811 but closed down in 1826.

The Historic Roads Of Windsor

Windsor roads are historic in Australia and connect Parras the Western Highway. The Windsor Toll House was constructed in 1835 near South Creek, and the Windsor Roads are now among the most well-established roads connected by state buses. 

Public Transport

The Northern Hills is operated by several bus routes like Hillsbus, Busways, and State Transport Transits. It is the North-West-T-way that connects the district with Blacktown, Parramatta, and Rouse Hill. 

The area is also served by the Parramatta Light Railway project and Metro-North West Line, which was contrived in May 2019. 

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