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Quality External Blinds in the City

Are you searching for reliable specialists for installing outdoor blinds in the City? Do you want a custom shade that fits your requirement? Are you searching for high-quality blinds to spruce up your home?  Outdoor blinds have been an essential part of every home or business especially during the pandemic. With the limited movement everywhere, outdoor blinds can help us turn outdoors into a relaxing place to stay. More importantly, it provides strong protection against the harsh weather outside. True Value Outdoor Blinds has been installing best blinds with modern styles. Hence, making your home or business outdoors the best place to stay. Call our team now for your questions. Also, we can provide a free quote!

Why Install Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor blinds are convenient for providing comfort, convenience, and relaxation all year round. Apart from that, you will also enjoy several benefits that include:
  • It will maximise your space
  • Protect you from harsh Sydney weather
  • Safeguard your furnishings
  • Keep away the bugs
  • Provide energy savings
  • Dry your washing outside
  • Beautify your property 

What Are Our Services?

Are you confused about which outdoor blinds are suitable for your home? At True Value Outdoor Blinds, we will help you to choose. Not only that, our professionals have experience in the installation of custom zip screen blinds, straight drop awnings and motorised outdoor blinds. If you are searching for an outdoor blinds service you can count on us to provide:

  • Expert blind installation and maintenance 
  • Variety of blinds colour to fit your home
  • Inspection and quote from specialists
  • In-house design team to help you choose the perfect shade

Do You Need Custom Zipscreen Blinds?

Are you looking for blinds that are versatile and durable? Then you can’t go wrong with custom zipscreen blinds. Essentially, these blinds are perfect for the harsh Australian weather. It will help to modernise your space and enjoy privacy with low maintenance. Furthermore, it comes with custom fitting, which means you can use it any way you want. 

Why Go With Zipscreen Extreme Blinds?

Do you have an expansive outdoor space and are looking for the most appropriate blinds? If yes, zipscreen extreme blinds are the answer to your prayers. Well, these integrated blinds are suitable for large applications and provide a more extraordinary beauty to your existing outdoor decor. It is Australian-made and adheres to strict quality standards. Also, it is widely used for commercial purposes and has become a leader in outdoor blind options. 

Straight Drop Outdoor Blinds

Are you searching for Sydney City outdoor blinds to cover your patio? Do you want blinds that are easy to easy and lower? Then you will take a fancy to the Alfresco Gearbox Straight Drop. It is suitable for large outdoors and can be custom designed for your home. Also, these blinds are easy to use and lowered down according to your necessity. 

Why Do Many Australians Prefer Motorised Outdoor Blinds?

If you want a faster, easier and safer option, nothing beats the convenience of motorised outdoor blinds because it eliminates the need for manual operation. When it comes to your safety and comfort, motorised blinds are the best option for you. Additionally, motorised outdoor blinds allow you to take control of when you need to raise or lower your shades. It means you can drop them even when you are away from your home. 

Why Choose True Value Outdoor Blinds?

Are you looking for a trusted specialist to install an outdoor blind? Then you are in the right place. At True Value Outdoor Blinds, we install custom blinds and shades for your home. We are a customer-centric agency and offer:

  • 5-year warranty service on all blinds
  • Smooth installation process 
  • Professional customer service
  • Great choice of styles 

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About the CBD & City

The city of Sydney is a local government area that covers that central business district and the adjoining metropolitan areas. It is made up of local government areas, and the residents are known as Sydneysiders. 

Famous Landmarks In the City

The city is known for its sunny beaches, yacht harbour and some of the finest landmarks in the world. Two of the most iconic structures that dot the skyline of this famous place include The Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge. 

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