Blue Mountains Area (New South Wales)

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Blue Mountains Area (New South Wales)

Blue Mountains Area (New South Wales)

The Blue Mountains region borders the Sydney Metropolitan area and starts from 50 km from the west of the capital and ends at the Greater Sydney region’s outskirts. It is bounded by the Nepean and Hawkesbury rivers in the east, Wolgan and Colo rivers to the south, and Coxs River and Lake Burragorang on the west and north. 

The Range

The Blue Mountains Range comprises a series of plateaus, rugged hills, and steep mountain ranges starting from the Great Dividing Range and ending at Emu Plains’ foothills. 

History Of The Mountains

The origins of the Blue Mountains range start about 470-million years ago in the quartzite period. During this time, a shallow sea protected the area, bringing rich minerals to the plains.

The region witnessed massive dumping of sand during the Mesozoic period, which buried
other sedimentary rocks and minerals. 

Formation Of The Mountains

The actual mountains began to form about a million years ago during the Pliocene era and developed deep valleys and gorges. It elevated about 3900 feet, and several natural features were included during this time. The most notable of these is the Three Sisters, which is a formation of triple sandstone peaks that resulted from erosion. 

The Blue Mountains Range has several small ranges like the Explorer Range, Bell Range, Erskine Range, and Caley Range, just to name a few. 

The primary natural calamities are bush fires and storms that are pretty prevalent in this area, resulting in severe loss to property and crops. 

World Heritage Site

The Blue Mountains has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on 29th November 2000, and the area covers around 10000 square kilometres. 

The Neighborhood

The area is cut by the Great Western Highway and Western Railway line. There are several towns on the foothills of the mountain range, including:

  1. Katoomba
  2. Blackheath
  3. Mount Victoria
  4. Springwood

It also includes the local government area of the City of Blue Mountains. 

Primary Tourist Attractions

The tourist attractions in the region include:

  1. The Three Sisters 
  2. The Edge Cinema
  3. The Giant Stairway 
  4. The Katoomba Scenic Railway
  5. Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum
  6. Toy and Railway Museum
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