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Would you like upmarket, trusted, guaranteed outdoor blinds Sydney options at an affordable price? Does your outdoor pergola, patio, verandah, or external area require protection from the elements? Would you like more privacy from neighbours and the public in general?

Essentially, our focus is to offer you the best possible solution. For what you would be looking for. Furthermore, with over 16 years’ experience in helping people find answers. For what is needed in relation to quality products. When it comes to choosing and installing high-quality outdoor blinds in Sydney city, we offer good advice. Additionally, our weather-resistant outdoor blinds will protect your home. We offer long-lasting security, as well as all the benefits you may expect from the Zipscreen Australian range.

Accordingly, The Sydney Morning Herald mentions Zipscreen is one of the best choices. To enclose the area beneath the opening roof to outside. Specifically, in this COVID-19 situation, as more of us are staying indoors. Basically, we are expanding outside areas to feel more like we are indoors. Therefore, we require the comfort of what indoor access provides.

In recent times, more than 55% of homeowners are purchasing high-quality shades and screening or outdoor blinds. When upgrading an outside area. For many reasons, many Sydneysiders choose our company to secure these open-air areas. Therefore, if you are looking for durable upmarket custom outside screens & shades, we would like you to contact us today for a good and fair rate. Be sure to check out our current promotions for awesome deals.


Australia’s most popular trusted blinds here in Sydney – The Zipscreen
Bring indoor entertaining outdoors with True Value’s favourite Zipscreen Extreme.
Enhance your lifestyle with True Value Alfresco Straight Drop.

We Offer High-Quality, Durable Guaranteed Waterproof Outdoor Blinds for Patios, Cafes & Pergolas in Sydney

Overall, we have the ultimate external screening solutions with a range for any size outdoor area or window. Furthermore, our waterproof protective outdoor blinds products in general are designed for alfresco entertaining areas such as outdoor pergolas, patios, verandas, and balconies. In other words, our exterior outdoor blind options roll up easily to suit any occasion, no matter the outdoor space you want to shade. In essence, it helps you to maintain privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain, and insects all year round.

Besides, our team has developed our unique custom techniques. A feature that is ideal for all home and office windows. Commercial and even industrial businesses can benefit from our original custom solutions. Primarily, our focus is on upgrading properties anywhere in Sydney.

We Promise Premium Solutions for your Favourite Custom Outdoor Blinds – Guarantees & Excellent Communication.

Firstly, our work is guaranteed with a warranty using only the best high-quality Australian products available in the nation. As mentioned, we are specialised in preparing on the spot quotesConsequently, we have copious amounts of experience. Also, we promise excellent communication throughout the whole process. With us, you can expect to get long-lasting custom waterproof outdoor blind protection to enclose your open-air living spaces.

What Size Areas Can We Cover for outdoor blinds installation?

Likewise, our shades should serve you like a sleek, secure, and durable alternative. To traditional awnings &  roller shutters. Your custom-designed system can be made in widths of 7 meters or drops of up to 5 meters. Therefore, offering you an external solution to fit almost any area. To the point, you can remove and hesitation and get closer to having your own setup. By making an online enquiry today. 

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Unlike other Sydney companies, we quote on the spot. At True Value, we set the pace in our industry. By making our customers happy and commit to installing Zipscreen for outside areas on time. Our professional yet heartfelt services are appreciated by our existing clients. Check out our Google Reviews and see our social proof. Likewise, this has been a proven recipe for success in this industry. To us, our products are much more than merely a novelty. As an illustration, they provide a higher standard of living, increase the value of any property, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes..

What Outside Products Do We Offer?

When it comes to choosing the style of outdoor blinds. Specifically, there are mainly three styles that we focus on. The most versatile is the classic Zipscreen. Likewise, the Zipscreen Extreme and Gearbox Straight Drop are also very popular among modern home outdoor living enthusiasts. All in all, at our company. we only develop ideal an exterior blind as per the demands of our customers. Subsequently, all our Zipscreen products are tried and tested, Australian made and come with a warranty. Not forgetting, all products can be installed and delivered in a vast array of colours. To match any decor and suitability. We understand that deep down our customers demand a unique look. This is why we offer a custom service for our true value outdoor blinds near Sydney city.

What Size Areas Can We Cover for outdoor blinds installation?

At True Value, we offer a consistent good range of colours. However, when choosing outdoor blinds for decks, pergolas, balconies and verandas. You must make the best choice from several available options.

How to Contact Us?

You can quickly contact us! Make a call using the option here on the website. You can also use the enquiry form displayed on our website. Furthermore, you are free to check out the reviews we have on Google My Business and Facebook. Lastly, you can find us on Instagram and see many images on Pinterest. We look forward to being a part of the positive transformation of your home. Call us today. We look forward to meeting with you s

Sydneysiders are Now World Leaders in Outside Living Options with our amazing collection of great value Outdoor Blinds

Making customers happy is the focus here at True Value. Essentially, this is what we are specialised in. Slowly, gone are the days of backyards in Sydney being comprised of an old lawnmower, long grass and an old BBQ. Now, with Zipscreen products, outdoor patios, pergolas, gazebos or your outdoor cafe can be transformed into a mini paradise.

In reality, Sydney and other parts of the country are leading the world in outdoor living options. Commonly, being adorned with exterior shading to protect the home from rain or shade from sunlight and the heat. Likewise, patios, pergolas, verandahs, balconies, gazebos and other areas of the home. Our beautifully designed custom range found online will impress your guests. Else, you can enjoy your leisure time sitting in your enclosed outdoor areas with friends and family. In general, Australians love the outdoors. Therefore, it has been a natural transition in remodelling outdoor areas of our homes with gorgeous outdoor blinds for pergolas, patios, balconies and gazebos. 


We are Spending More Time in the Outer Areas of the Home

Many people in Australia enjoy spending time outdoors other than staying locked inside. With this type of protection for Sydneysiders. You can even enjoy every aspect of your home in the winter days as well as warmer months.

To be more precise, if you are going to have indoor furniture at your outdoor premises, then you need to protect it from the elements like sunrays, rough winds, and raindrops. For this reason, it would be wise to contact our team to install good-quality custom shades for a balcony. With our durable range in the city or country, and motorised options, our high quality products make your outdoor living areas perfect year long. You can enjoy natural beauty from inside your home without any interruption and disturbance. Hence, contact us now for a free measure and competitive quote.



At True Value, we develop first-rate custom outdoor blinds Sydney for our prospective customers. In every aspect of our business based in Sydney, we hold quality and communication at the forefront. In addition, we pay close attention to all details. Because we value our reputation of going the extra mile to exceed our client’s expectations.

In a world where products and services are increasingly packaged into a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We at True Value provide online custom options in Sydney at great value and rates. Therefore, we still, recognise the need to service our customer’s individual needs. We listen to what our customers have to say for a better understanding and deliver what they want. Our standard quality products will enhance the look of your interior decoration to a great extent.


Most frequent questions and answers
To organise a quotation, simply call our head office on 1300 87 83 82  and we will arrange a time to meet with you to design your area, With such an array of products, colours and fitting options we will work closely with you to better understand your needs and recommend the best matched products that best suit your requirements. Once the appropriate system, material and colour choice has been selected your designer will be able to price it on the spot for your convenience, This is a Free measure and quote with no obligation.
Simply call either your designer directly or call the head office on 1300 87 83 82 and we will arrange for your designer to come back out to organise your order. At this stage a 50% deposit is payable. This can be paid via cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer
You will be contacted by a True Value staff member to arrange a suitable date and time for a technical check measure. This will be performed by one of our experienced technicians and is typically the same person who will be installing your blinds. This stage will determine if anything has been unforeseen during the design process and will be corrected. (Measure twice, cut once as they say).
Delivery and installation time can take approximately 3-4 weeks from confirmation of order depending on how custom your blinds will be.
Once your blinds have been made, you will again be contacted by a True Value staff member to arrange a date and time for the installation to take place. If motorised blinds have been selected, a date and time will be arranged at the same time for our qualified electrician to have your blinds connected after the installation process.
Once your blinds are installed, we will provide you with a Warranty Card and Aftercare Guidelines. A satisfaction slip will be issued for you to say you’re happy with the installation so final payment can be made.