Have you heard of Zipscreen Blinds? Would you be interested in outdoor blinds that are versatile and offer everything blinds are supposed to offer and more?


Are you looking for outdoor blinds in Sydney to fill a wide space? Would you like large blinds that are fully motorized? Have you heard of the Zipscreen Extreme option in outdoor blinds in Sydney?


Are you looking for an outdoor blind in Sydney to cover your verandah? Do you need a sturdy nice-looking outdoor blind that has a warranty? Do you require an outdoor blind that easy to raise and lower securely?

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Australia’s most popular outdoor blind – the Zipscreen.




Bring indoor entertaining outdoors with True Value’s favourite Zipscreen Extreme.



Enhance your lifestyle with True Value Outdoor Blind’s Alfresco Straight Drop.


Outdoor Blinds in Sydney – True Value Outdoor Blinds

Do you require upmarket outdoor blinds Sydney options at an affordable price? Does your, pergola, patio, verandah or outdoor area require protection from the elements? Would you like to require more privacy from neighbours and the public in general?

Essentially, True Value Outdoor Blinds are the solution for Sydney outdoor blinds as this is what we specialize in. Furthermore, with over 16 years’ experience in helping people find answers for what is needed in relation to outdoor blinds. When it comes to choosing and installing top-rated blinds we offer good advice.

Additionally, our blinds offer security as well as all the benefits you may expect from outdoor blinds.

What We Offer – Outdoor Blinds Sydney

Specifically, we at True Value Outdoor Blinds have the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window. Specially, designed for alfresco entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandas, and balconies. Essentially, privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain and insects all year round.

In addition, our products are ideal for home and office windows. Commercial and even industrial businesses can benefit from these products. Saying this, our current primary focus is upgrading residential properties anywhere in Sydney.

Likewise, Modern outdoor blinds should serve you like a sleek, secure, and durable alternative to traditional awnings & outdoor roller shutters. Your custom-designed system can be made in widths of 7 meters or drops of up to 5 meters, offering you an external solution to fit almost any area.

What We Promise to You

Firstly, our is work guaranteed with a warranty using only the best high-quality Australian products available in the nation. As mentioned, we specialize in blinds and have copious amounts of experience. Also, we promise excellent communication in the whole process. Therefore, intent on making sure you understand what work will be done and the results achieved.

Additionally, getting our installations done on time as well as providing a friendly professional service. Likewise, this has been a proven recipe for success in outdoor blind services. To us, outdoor blinds are much more than simply a novelty. As an illustration, they provide a higher standard of living as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

What Types of Blinds are Available?

In general, when it comes to choosing the style of blinds there are three main styles that we focus on. Generally speaking,  Australians and Sydney residents favourite choice is Zipscreen. Likewise, the Zipscreen Extreme and Gearbox Straight Drop are also very popular with outdoor living enthusiasts. This is all depending on our customer's tastes and preferences.

Subsequently, all products are tried and tested, Australian made and come with a warranty. Not forgetting, all products can be installed and delivered in a vast array of colours to match any decor and suitability. Understanding, that our customers deep down want an individual look.

Sydney is Now a World Leader in Outdoor Living Options

Essentially, Outdoor Blinds in Sydney is the focus of True Value Outdoor Blinds. Essentially, this is what we specialize in. Slowly, gone are the days of backyards in Sydney simply being comprised of an old lawnmower and an old BBQ. Now, outdoor patios can be transformed into a mini paradise.

In essence, Sydney and other parts of the country are leading the world in outdoor living options. Likewise, patios, pergolas, verandahs and other areas of the home. Are now high traffic areas that can are used to spend leisure time with friends and family all year round. In general, Australians love the outdoors and it has been a natural transition in remodelling outdoor areas of our homes and now leading the world.

Sydney Siders are Spending More Time in the Outer Areas of the Home

In general, many people in Sydney enjoy spending time outdoors and not always being inside the home. Meaning, even in the wintertime why not enjoy every aspect of your home. As an illustration, these parts of the home now contain kitchens and lounge room furniture. Just 10 years ago you may have only found aging wooden or plastic furniture in these areas.

Essentially, if you are going to have indoor furniture in an outdoor area. Then you are going to need to protect it from the sun wind and rain. Why spend money on expensive furniture only to be damaged by harsh natural elements. Generally, these are the main reasons Sydney residents come to us as the experts in all types of outdoor blinds.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Outdoor Blinds?

Moreover, here at True Value Outdoor Blinds, we offer a consistent good range of blinds and colours. However, when choosing blinds you may not be aware there are quite a few options to consider. What are the best blinds for your family or business? What colours are available? What kind of protection can blinds offer? How strong are our blinds and what kind of security do they offer? We have the answers and fast solutions that you need.

Additionally, you can always take a look at our FAQ Page This has answers to many common questions asked. Another reason, why our professional and friendly light-hearted approach will help you decide on the best option. Furthermore, you need to think not only about protecting your property. Also, protecting yourself and your family from the elements and having privacy.

Contact True Value Outdoor Blinds – Outdoor Blinds Sydney

Generally, contacting us is easy, simply make a call using the option here on the website. You can also use the enquiry form here on our website. Furthermore, check out the reviews we have on Google My Business and Facebook.

Lastly, you can find us on Instagram and Pinterest. We look forward to being a part of the positive transformation of your home.

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By Installing True Value Outdoor Blinds you can maximise your outdoor entertainment area all year round in comfort and style. Designed and tested in Australia, True Value promises to unlock your homes hidden potential, without the time-consuming stress and cost of traditional renovations. Enhance your space and create an outdoor haven for true relaxation and comfortable entertainment, hassle-free. From the summer heat to the winter chill, True Value can perfectly shield any alfresco, pergola, veranda or balcony, so you can indulge in open-air living, all year round.





We are a family owned Sydney based business specialising in only outdoor blinds. In every aspect of our service, we hold quality and communication at the forefront. We pay close attention to details; because we value our reputation of going the extra mile in order to exceed our client's expectations. In a world where products and services are increasingly packaged into a 'one size fits all' approach; We at True Value Outdoor Blinds still recognise the need to service our customer's individual needs. We listen to what our customers have to say in order to better understand and deliver what they want - Quality products that function perfectly and enhance the look and comfort of their home.


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